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Hello and welcome to my site. I’m an Artist who has worked as a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator and more. With over 15 years experience in a fluid industry I can take your concept from sketch to final production. If you’ve a venture coming up and do not yet need my work as a designer or photographer I’m sure I can be of service as a Creative Consultant. Please feel free to browse my work and if you like contact me and let’s see what we can create.


The Abstract

Abstract small

Oil paint & Oil bars on canvas, 30 inches by 42 inches

A little while ago a Justin Stokes, a friend hired me to do an abstract for him. He wanted it to be done on a large canvas and he wanted it to either be a representation of his emotional state or in some way a representation of his personality. Right off the bat I decided I wanted to use a medium that was and still is new to me. Oil Bars. Basically Oil Bars are giant sized oil pastels, the kind you might give a kid to play with. I’d seen paintings done with oil bars and loved the broad, deep and energetic strokes and scribbles that could be achieved using them.

I ordered 12 and eagerly waited for their delivery.

Finally they arrived and my canvas was prepped (after 5 coats of gesso). Now came the hard part. My friend and client is not the easiest person to pin down emotionally. But I can say that running through his personality is the Clown Prince of Crime. That’s right, the joker. A true fan of the Joker and the joker’s influence is often to be found in my buddy’s mannerisms and wit. So with this strong character casting it’s crazed shadow across another strong personality I decided to take the joker and direct him. To blow him up, put him in a blender and then use the resulting goo to reconstruct him on canvas!

I delivered this piece today and it was to say the least it was well received.

My Easter

Today is Easter. Rather than relax at the house I decided to grab my trusty camera and go shoot two locations I’d been meaning to explore. The first location was a couple of out buildings that were recently revealed when a developer mowed over a long abandoned house on Blackman Rd. The second location is a barn I’ve passed regularly. Ordinarily I would have posted these shots as Black and White images but truth be told I do love the colors of these photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did shooting them. If you’d like to buy a print of any of these images in color of as a Black and White print write me at for sizes, paper and prices.

shack 01

shack 04

shack 02

shack 010

shack 012

shack 013

shack 018

shack 019

shack 020

shack 021

The Barn. 

Barn 0

Barn 05

Barn 06

Barn 07

Barn 08

Barn 010

Barn 011

Barn 012

Barn 013Barn 014Barn 015Barn 016Barn 017

In progress

It’s been years since I’ve used Oil Paints. But I had a challenge come up and decided it would be the best medium to use. I apologize right now for the quality of these photos, they were never meant to be seen by anyone but the client. They were taken using available light and my cell phone. The first photo is the piece done in ink which was the original direction of the piece.

Please enjoy.










Fear Front Publishing the 3RD Wave

That’s right! FearFront Publishing will be releasing it’s 3rd wave of authors in mid to late April! These spooky and terrifying tales will have you begging for mercy! Yours truly is proud to be the designer for Fear Front Publishing and I am equally proud to show you the covers for the new wave of Authors! In my line of work judging a book by it’s cover is a must, therefore it is my pleasure to scare you, to  leave you in a state of terror.


All titles will be available





outback cvr


By all means enjoy these horror filled volumes in book or ebook form! Release date Late April on

Benevolent Society No. 11 . Forgotten Tennessee

Benev 88-Edit copy b

A few weeks ago a friend of mine had come into my part time job at the gym. While shooting the breeze my friend Mathew mentioned that he and his wife had stumbled upon and old and clearly forgotten cemetery. He gave me an idea of it’s whereabouts and a name. I went to work using Google searching for Benelovent Cemetery. Benev 93-Edit copy

My internet search was short and lead me to Benevolent Society No. 11 . Was a society and resting place for African Americans in Murfreesboro, TN. From what research I did I learned that the land for the Society was purchased in 1897 and has around 650 plots  of laborers, Doctors, and Veterans from World War 1 and the Spanish American War.

Benev 90-Edit copy

Some of the members of the society were

  • Berry Seward was the first African American electrician in Murfreesboro.
    George C. Harden was a medical doctor and graduate of Meharry Medical College.
  • Dr. John McClellan, a medical doctor. He graduated from Meharry in 1880 and worked his entire career in Murfreesboro.
  • Dave Ransom was a railroad laborer and worked for the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Rail Road

Benev 81-Edit copy


Benev 97-Edit copy

Benev 98-Edit copy

Benev 99-Edit copy

Benev 100-Edit copy

Benev 92-Edit copy

Benev 94-Edit copy

Benev 82-Edit

Benev 84-Edit copy


Benev 83-Edit copy

Benev 85-Edit copy

Beyond that I did not learn much else other than in 1931 the Society’s property changed hands. I wish I could tell you more about what happened to the Society and the cemetery and likely I will do more research into it. For now though I guess I will just post the photos I took today. Sadly this is what happens when we forget the past and who the past was. This cemetery is a sad example of why my photography is titled Forgotten Tennessee.

Below are my sources for information. Please visit them. If you the reader have more info motion please feel free to leave your remarks and or message me.

Shout out to Justin Stokes for coming along on this shoot.

Sources of info




“This is my body, This is my blood, Happy are they who come to my supper”. – Pinhead

One of my favorite Horror movie concepts has been Hellraiser. If there is a series of movies I’d like to see redone it would be Hellraiser. Perhaps with a much darker overtone? In many ways I found Hostel to be more disturbing than Hellraiser. But regardless I can not help but to do homages to the movies. Below are some light studies I recently shot. I hope you enjoy them. By the way I am selling prints for around $40.00 If you are interested let me know by contacting me at





I hoped you enjoyed this….

Back into Oils

Recently I’ve been working on a piece for a client, the subject was to do a turn of the century poster in the style of Kellar, Thurston and Carter, who were magicians of that era. My client however wanted the piece to incorporate Baron Kriminel a Jamaican Voodoo God. This was going to be fun to say the least. Originally I did my piece as a black and white piece in ink. But the more I worked on it I decided that color was needed. However I did not want to use water color, or gauche. Oils. Oils were the medium I settled on. I’d worked with oils in quite a few years. So far the piece is going well. I’m liking it. I can not wait to start posting progress photos.