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Long Exposure, slow night

Last night I decided to drive up to Nashville to do some shooting at the Tennessee State Fair. My goal was to do some shots using Long Exposure. This is not something I do a lot of. Lucky for me I choose a night that was slow to say the least and since I was going to be using my tripod and a remote. Choosing such a slow night was ideal for this bit of shooting for multiple reason. With fewer people running around there was less of a chance of my tripod and camera being jostled by the crowds and or knocked over.

When I think of a Midway my first thought is a Ferris Wheel dominating the skyline. While this Particular Wheel was not the biggest, it was awfully bright and I was sure I could capture it’s electric grandeur as it’s lights rand through their patterns.

VORTEX 08.jpg

Mission accomplished? Almost I decided to move a bit closer. to



I loved shooting the Wheel, it was after a bit mesmerizing. Later that night I decided that I had to ride the thing at least once. Now I wish I could say that I had some photos of my ride, but truth be told I’m not fond of heights. My hands stayed fastened to the rides furniture with a death’s grip!


Below are some additional images I shot last night. Once again it was a slow night which allowed me quite a window for me to shoot these long exposure without fear of the bustling crowds.


I hope you enjoy them and if you’d like to order a print of anything you see let me know! Contact me at

Trying to capture character

Why photograph people? Sometimes one tries to show either physical comeliness, sometimes to convey a message. But there are those times when one comes across a person who’s face is filled with character and untold stories. Their eyes sparkle and their smile is infectious. Mr. Galaz is one such person. He’s a traveler who lives in an RV. I met Mr. Galaz over a year ago and have wanted to try and capture his spirit. I hope you enjoy the end result seen below. I gave Mr. Galaz a prints of my efforts and well he nearly burst into tears and said “No one’s ever taken such a good shot of me, ever”! He told me would be giving them to his kids and grandkids. Made my day.

Elena Alex, headshot in Nashville TN

Recently writer Elena Alex hired me to take some Headshots of her. I was jazzed and looked forward to shooting her. After meeting for a consultation we decided to shoot in Nashville and chose a few different locations. The gazebo in Centennial Park was our launching point followed by Printer’s Alley and finishing up on the Courthouse Green. We needed up with some great shots that are full of life and I hope showcase Elena’s dynamic personality and presence.

If you like these and would like to hire me you may contact me here or at or call me at 615-977-2695


Ivy House

_F4Y0256 copy

I came across this house the other day on a road trip to find material for another Forgotten Tennessee blog. Obviously the house was abandoned and had been for quite some time, yet the grounds around it was freshly mown. I decided a closer look was in order. As I walked across the freshly mown grounds I could see more than a few dead trees, a broken window on the second floor and what looked like green siding nailed over a lower window. Creepy, but it got creepier. Ivy.

_F4Y0259-Edit copy

Ivy covered EVERYTHING! The walkway leading up to the porch was a carpet of Ivey, one that spread from nearby trees. Ivy had consumed the stairs, the porch, across the porch and up the walls. Next to the front door was a sign that read Keep Out. No kidding. Not being sure what kind of ivy I was looking at decided not to risk walking through the emerald carpet for fear of the greenery might be Poison Ivy (my luck) or that there might be a hole in the porch.

I decided to walk around the structure and capture what I could of the houses character. As I walked around the left corner I could see that the ivy was busily engulfing the sides of the house as well. I stopped and took a couple of shots of the ivy choked side then walked further down and looked a breezeway and what? An exterior building of some sorts? Was this a school house? A business of some sorts?

I’d no idea and since I had no latter to look into the windows, and even then from what I could see through one window all was dark. I hope you enjoy the photos I took of this addition to Forgotten Tennessee. If you’d like to purchase a print please write me at

_F4Y0281-Edit copy

Allisonia, TN

I decided that today was just too damned nice to sit indoors. I started my day off at Starbucks then hit the back roads of Tennessee. I was on the hunt for abandoned places and then some in hopes to add to my Forgotten Tennessee travels. I drove down US Hwy 99 and hit Eagleville. From  there I traveled down a road at random until I hit Hwy 31. Turning left onto 31 I spied an oldish cemetery  that had a large stone fence and an entrance with a bronze legend upon it. I hopped out of my car crossed a road and began to shoot.

_F4Y0155-Edit copy

As I wandered between the rows of graves stones I purposefully looked for the oldest stones. I didn’t have to look far. Old? No some of these were ancient. Some were so old that their faces were worn smooth and had little if any markings upon them. These oldest grave markers had a strange patina. They looked rusted. Yes, rusted. Later I may post some of the stones in color. But for now I feel Black and White is best. Finishing up my shoot I headed back to the car. I stopped at the entrance and read that the cemetery was a family plot belonging to a family named Riggs. the entire area had been founded on Rigg’s original land of about a 1000 acres.

I drove about 1/8 of a mile and came drove by a roadside general store/garage. I pulled over ran began to shoot the place. I aimed my camera at the sign hanging from a light pole which read Riggsby Bros Garage and Grocery. I had to wonder if there was a relation? Likely there was. I fell in love with this location. I’ve no idea how long it’d been closed down, or if perhaps the grocery was still open. From the sun washed and blistered state of the paint and the wood of the garage door and the style of the signage I guessed the place had gone under more than two decades ago. I spent about 45 mins shooting around and getting a feel of the place. As I said, I loved it.

_F4Y0218-Edit copy

I hope you the reader enjoy these shots of Allisonia, TN Unincorporated as much as I enjoyed shooting them. As always if you’d like to purchase a print in this story or in any of my other stories contact me at be sure to check out my Easy shop for prints as well



Stranger and graffiti

I’ve had this piece in my head that I’ve wanted to shoot. I knew that Atlanta model Grace Stone was going to be in town so I decided that this would be a good a time to try and bring this vision to light. I wanted the the model to be dressed simply, all black if possible,  Grace would be wearing a startling unremarkable simple black mask to go with with the wardrobe. I wanted the model to be portray a stranger who none the less leaves an impact on the viewer. The story? The message she’s trying to impart? Well that is up to you to supply. Enjoy. Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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