I could not sleep because a sea of Sunflowers was calling me.


I was driving by a field the other day, one I drive by often but today it was different. Today what had been green was now a yellow sea of Sunflowers! It was 7 or so in the morning and the sunlight was bathing those flowers with it’s life giving life and damn if it was not gorgeous! I made a note to swing by the field and shoot it within the week.

I went to bed Monday night at Midnight and could not sleep. I tried the usual stuff to make myself sleep like counting sheep, drinking a beer or two yet still I found myself looking at a darkened ceiling . Finally at 5:30 am I got out of bed grabbed my Canon 1d Mark II jumped into my car and drove to the Sunflower field and spent the next hour or so shooting away! It was hot, it was humid and bees flew around me constantly but god damn it was worth it! I landed up with some really nice shots, shots that I think translate the experience I had and hope to share with you the viewer. Enjoy 🙂

sf bee 1b

tall n sunny


SF_09 SF_023 SF_024 SF_028 SF_032 shy

mailer 2

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