Mother Nature waits for no one….


In a previous blog I wrote about not being able to sleep because I was too wound up about shooting a nearby sea of Sunflowers. I was determined to shoot there again this time including model. I put up a blast and got a few “Yes! Let’s do it” responses but inside I was not feeling that any of these were solid responses. There is one model I can always count on and her name is Dale. I got in touch with her and last Monday Dale drove from the Belmont area of Nashville all the way to Murfreesboro and by 640 am we were shooting! Dependability and punctuality! They are qualities to bank on! Why was I so quick to shoot? Because right now that sea of Sunflowers is dying. Everyday the blooms are drooping a bit more. Everyday a few more lose their luster. By the end of next week will they still stand? I don’t know. What I do know is that by moving quickly on this and with the aid of a model who always brings her “A Game” I got the shots I wanted.



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