Quick portraits of people I do not know, make you think. They make you fill in the story.


Last week I went toCafe Coco in  Nashville, TN (I live about 20 mins away) to meet up with Glynnis Garcia my best friend. Glynnis was doing a work-cation and I’m always happy to catch up with her. I of course took my camera. Sitting there I took a few shots of Glynnis and a friend or two as well. Just quick candid things. Sitting there I see two people come in, one a woman the other a black guy dressed in a button up shirt and bow tie. Tattoos one his forearms and large silver rings adorned his fingers while larger ones were hanging from his ears. To top it all off a black bowler hat sat squarely on his head. His manner,  grandiose. I watched for a second, then pardoned myself from Glynnis for a second. I found the bowler bearing guy on the back porch and asked if I could grab a quick shot of him.

“Why” he asked and my reply was

“Your manner and way of dressing make you stick out, people will want to know who and what is behind the the photo”

Reader, while I like this photo here is my question to you

“Does it looking at it make you wonder who he is? What does he do”?

if so it’s successful.

Always take your camera, you never know what or who may strike your eye.

One thought on “Quick portraits of people I do not know, make you think. They make you fill in the story.

  1. This is how fine artists think, and you noticed what he didn’t even notice in himself. And it’s a cool photo. Great article, this could be a good teacher to newer shooters, if they pay attention and find the meaning.


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