The Makeover!


I always wanna make an impression with my work especially with a name like Grindhouse Photography. In this instance I’d been wanting to work with Hong Meow’s Kirin and Cody Bottoms for quite a bit but was not sure what I wanted to do. Then one night I was going thru some old photos and found one of Cody in drag at a Halloween event. I got to thinking what would it look like if a deranged cross dresser were to stalk then kidnap a power suit wearing work professional? What would it be if he decided she needed a makeover. Something to make her more remarkable to leave an impression on her and others??

Lucky for me Kirin and Cody were down for the shoot.

Not everyone will like this, this my little jaunt into horror.

a a1 a3 a6 a8 b0 b1 b3 b5 b7 b9 c1 c4 c5 c8 d1 d3 d5 d7 d9 e0 e4 e6 e7 e9 f0 f1 f2 f3

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