Once again location is Golden!

_F4Y0234  _F4Y0213

Recently I was hired to do a photo that a new client could use as a head shot to go on his business card & for Social Media.

I met with Jamie Campbell at a Starbucks in Murfreesboro, TN. We chatted for a bit to get an idea of what he wanted. Over the next hour we shot at a few decent locations and while we got some workable shots I felt we had not hit the mark yet. I mentioned to my client that I’d like to shoot one more set at a local train depot just off Main St. Jamie was game.

As we drove into the parking lot and I then set up my gear an engine pulled up. Together we walked around to the back of the depot and there we struck gold. My client who’d be a bit restrained during the shoot was all smiles and enthusiasm! We shot that last set and it was a night and day difference! We ended up with some very good shots from that last set and he ended up buying a few extra photos. I honestly feel that the location made my client transform from a guy being photographed to one who was alive in the moment and environment.


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