Coffee & an empty house

Not all of my abandoned houses happen with a road map and hours of driving around in rural Tennessee. Some happen after grabbing a cup of coffee with a buddy. Yesterday Justin Stokes and myself met at a Star bucks and were shooting the breeze. After a bit we decided to hit a local back road in hopes of finding an abandoned house or two. We were driving when I spied what I’d hopped was a good sign.


A drive way with an older looking entrance. The drive was flanked by old and weather beaten brick stands. Traveling down the I saw another positive sign of abandonment. The center of the gravel drive was overgrown. Usually if a property is lived in then this centers strip is often worn down or mown. As we came up to the house at the end of the drive I said “Yep, we have Abandonment”!


The house was overgrown with branches and a riot of overgrown bushes and creepers. So much so that for this trip I decided to nix exterior shots. For now we wanted to explore the innards of this forgotten place. Right off the bat I could see that while the place was indeed abandoned it had not been so for more than say 5 years, happily the place was far enough off the beaten track that it was not heavily visited by squatters or by the homeless.  Walking thru the place I noticed a big difference between the state of this house and others I’d been in. This house had been truly forgotten. Upstairs and downstairs rooms and closets still held clothing, towels and the brick a brac of an occupied house. Creepy. When you come across such a place you can not help but wonder why everything is still there? It’s as if the occupants left one day with the intention of coming back but failed to do so.


Below are some of the photos a snapped with my phone. On another day I will take some better shots with my Canon. But for now these will suffice. Enjoy.

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