My latest Alternative Movie Poster endeavor:

About a year ago I watched the film adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel Horns. It was a decent movie and worth watching again. A few weeks ago I read the novel and listened to it via audio book. I was blown away by the difference in the depth of the characters and overall story vs the movie. It inspired me to do my own take on a cover for the book & the movie. I began the sketch one morning at work andover the next few days played around with other sketches. I kept going back to my original though.


Initially I was going to do a watercolor for this piece so I purchased some watercolor paper and set about working. In my original sketch the main character Ignatius Perrish has hair, I decided to go ahead and make him bald as he was in the book. I’m glad I decided to stick to the author’s writing. The movie made some changes that I felt were unneeded. I laid down a pencil drawing and next moved to pen and ink.


I’ve always loved working with a pen nib and ink and really felt for this piece it was the way to go.


With the inking done I was going to start blocking off portions for the painting but first I wanted a nice clean scan of the finished drawing. This decision changed the direction of the piece. I was looking at the scan in Adobe Illustrator and started playing around with a few things. Before I knew it hours had passed and I had finished the thing! Below is the final image for my take on the cover of Horns. I hope you like it. As always if you’d like to purchase a print of this Alternative Movie Poster hit me up at jerry.winnett@gmail.com or leave me a message in the comments.




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