Consumed for tomorrow

Driving in to Nashville the other day was as usual a surprise. A surprise because yet another mainstay of the Nashville urban scene was being torn down. For more years than I can count I’ve driven by the BF Myers building located right behind Frugal Mac Douglas. I’d never bought anything from the place but it had become a comfortable part of my trips into Nashville, a marker that said “Oh hey, we’re here”. As I rounded 40 I could see that Nashville’s future was busy consuming the building. An orange earth mover stood beside it the remains. Stacked to the side like discarded bones were the girders and beside that another stack this one the tin shell that passed for the buildings skin. All that remained standing was the  store front I decided that since I had my camera with me I had to shoot what was left.


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3 thoughts on “Consumed for tomorrow

  1. Excellent set! Those b&w tones are scary awesome. Really liked how so many of your shots had the Nashville skyline in the background. It gave so much perspective.


  2. Clearly I am late to commenting on this collection, but I do want to thank you. It’s good to find a kindred spirit that feels the same way about Nashville as I do. Almost 20 years ago I moved here from Cookeville, and fell in love with the city. I saw myself growing old and dying here. Yet in the past 2 or 3 years I haven’t wanted to leave a place so much and wanted to find a new home more than I have now. All these people that have moved here and claimed to “love Nashville” but only to tear it down and make it something else. In a city where you could miss rush hour traffic if you got out of downtown by 4pm and knew it would be over by 6; or where you could go find a great place to eat like Gnoshville, or shop at Metropolitan Deluxe and check out the Flea Market over at the Fairgrounds. Maybe you could take in a Sounds game over in Greer Stadium. Then there was that sweet spot of time when crime was low, East Nashville was trendy without being obnoxious and life was good here. Now there are all these people who don’t know what Nashville was and will never be again. They have come here and destroyed our way of life. What was most telling for me, was someone I know was at Top Golf and said how nice it was there and I asked, rhetorically, I wonder what was there before Top Golf. He said, well if you don’t know, it wasn’t important….At first I thought it profound, but then I realized it was ignorance pure and simple. An easy out for those that didn’t want to think that their “progress” had come at a price. And that’s what has happened to Nashville. The residents now have to pay a 34% hike in property taxes and who does that hurt most? The citizens of Nashville who have lived here all their lives but will not be able to afford the tax hike caused by all of this progress and will be forced out of their homes. I hope ya’ll are happy. All good things must come to an end.


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