Ivy House

_F4Y0256 copy

I came across this house the other day on a road trip to find material for another Forgotten Tennessee blog. Obviously the house was abandoned and had been for quite some time, yet the grounds around it was freshly mown. I decided a closer look was in order. As I walked across the freshly mown grounds I could see more than a few dead trees, a broken window on the second floor and what looked like green siding nailed over a lower window. Creepy, but it got creepier. Ivy.

_F4Y0259-Edit copy

Ivy covered EVERYTHING! The walkway leading up to the porch was a carpet of Ivey, one that spread from nearby trees. Ivy had consumed the stairs, the porch, across the porch and up the walls. Next to the front door was a sign that read Keep Out. No kidding. Not being sure what kind of ivy I was looking at decided not to risk walking through the emerald carpet for fear of the greenery might be Poison Ivy (my luck) or that there might be a hole in the porch.

I decided to walk around the structure and capture what I could of the houses character. As I walked around the left corner I could see that the ivy was busily engulfing the sides of the house as well. I stopped and took a couple of shots of the ivy choked side then walked further down and looked a breezeway and what? An exterior building of some sorts? Was this a school house? A business of some sorts?

I’d no idea and since I had no latter to look into the windows, and even then from what I could see through one window all was dark. I hope you enjoy the photos I took of this addition to Forgotten Tennessee. If you’d like to purchase a print please write me at jerry.winnett@gmail.com

_F4Y0281-Edit copy

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