For Profit Schools can pay!

Checking post today on Nashville Model & Photographer’s Connection which is a page I help admin on Facebook I became annoyed. The post was a FOR PROFIT Make Up & Hair Academy looking for a photographer to shoot 10 different models for TFP. TFP? 10 Models shot for TFP? 10. Are you kidding me. You are asking a photographer to drag his or her gear to your site, shoot 10 people, adjust light and all the other stuff entailed for TFP? Not to mention you’re going to want at least some basic editing and I assume a deadline is involved. All that for TFP?

Photographers, why are you answering these kind of posts. Why are you willing to work for free/tfp for an entity that is a For Profit School? It makes money! So should you! I don’t care what their reasoning is the school should if nothing else be paying the photographer $50 t0 $75 per model and even that is not even close to what the photographer should be making for such a large job. I can however tell you why For Profits are getting away with it. They’re getting away with because there are too many in the industry willing to “work” for ¬†nothing. The only way this monster will stop eating the industry is if we starve it to death.


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