Pinhead, such sights….

So on the slab is a piece my younger brother has been asking me to do, Pinhead from Hellraiser. Bellow is the piece so far which I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed doing. I started this piece one night just before bed and so far in all I’ve about 5 days in it. Below are some progress shots as I’ve worked on it. I’ll be doing the puzzle design in either bronze or gold, just not sure yet. Should I do it in paint or go crazy and do it with actual leaf? Oh that would be bad ass! After I’m done with the illustration I’ll still have to photograph or scan the piece to add any text. Can’t wait till it’s done, such a sight to see…

Last night I finished the Pinhead/ Hellraiser piece titled The Heart of Horror! I decided that wanted to give a nod to biblical illustrations and frescos from the Iconoclastic Controversy by rendering the puzzle box design in gold paint. This flattened out the piece and gives it the Byzantine style found in early Bibles. During the Byzantine Empire it was deemed a sin to draw realism, which is why so many pieces from the 8 & 9th Century look cartoonish (

Below is the finished Poster and beneath it the finished painting.

Mixed Media: Gouache, Ink, & Watercolor










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