I’m the Jerk?

So recently a model and I agreed to a shoot. Nothing major, my needs were more along the lines of needing the model for a correct light & proportions study. The day of the shoot I contacted the model after four as agreed upon to discuss further the shoot for that evening, no answer. 5pm, 6pm, 7 pm nothing. Finally at 730 or so I see she’s on FB Messenger. I got to her page and read she’d gotten off work early and did some painting watched some tv, played a video game then smoked a bowl.

Great. So I messenger her and remind her of our shoot and ask what happened? She tells me her phone does not work without wifi and she helped a friend do some work in their kitchen… whatever. I do tell her that contacting me earlier would have been a good thing and oh yeah I have no one to shoot now.

She calls me a Jerk who has a bad attitude. And my lashing out at her confirms that I am not a nice guy.

Ok so I’m a jerk? Yes, I am. If I go through the trouble of prepping my camera and light kit and pack it all up in my car and someone pulls a no call no show yes, my attitude is going to bad. But informing someone that they have a lame ass excuse that you already are sure is bullshit, telling them they dropped the ball is not lashing out.

People if you agree to do a shoot follow through. If you can’t do your utmost to contact the other party. It’s what separates the serious from the hobbyist amongst photographers and a model from someone who just wants pretty pictures of themselves.

If you simply forget you had a shoot just say that. The truth is better than bullshit.

One thought on “I’m the Jerk?

  1. Model and photographer is one scenario of this that I’m way too familiar with, but in truth this is a classic example of shitty human behavior. We humans are so caught up with this treating someone with disrespect and rudeness. Then when that someone calls us out on it we respond, not by apologizing for our selfish ugliness, but by trying to blame the other person for how he/she responds. It is our only available response because any other is to have to admit we’re just being a jerk and our fragile egos (and public personal) can’t handle doing that. This is us humans at our lowest. It’s us with our insecurities in full protection mode. It’s us being human at our worst and we have no excuse for it… especially when we try and pretend that we’re such the opposite.


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