150 feet from the road?

Today I took a ride out on Old Nashville, Why in Murfreesboro, TN and looked for a house a friend of mine told me about.


Now I thought I’d have to ride out for a least an hour. Nope. No I went maybe 8 mins. To the right of me was a house I’d apparently ridden by for maybe the entire time I’ve lived in this town.

It’d been hidden for more than 30 years or longer behind a orly amazing cluster of trees and underbrush and it was no more than 150 feet from the asphalt of the highway!


Now that I find AMAZING!


And that is why I love shooting and sharing my work. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “150 feet from the road?

  1. I know exactly where this is. There used to be a bunch more structures but they were torn down leaving only what’s still there. I have some awesome pics of the insanity that was inside some of the shells of barns, sheds, a big ‘main’ house, & a ton of other places. I always had so much fun on that property that I cried like an idiot when I went to explore one day & they’d torn down a bunch of stuff.

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  2. Wait! How far back on the property did you go? There’s still some stuff hidden a ways back on the property, if you didn’t go all the way through the woods & get torn up in the brush a bit, you missed some cool stuff.

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