New Year’s Resolutions

PrintNew Year’s resolutions. What are yours? Is there a chance you’ll keep them? Good luck, I hope you do. For myself? See the following.

Physically I plan to finally get my weight down to 275 lbs. When I started my journey to a better body I started @ 360lbs wearing 4 & 5x shirts. That was 7 months in to 2013. Now it’s 2016 and I weigh between 294 and 306lbs. I wear 2x t-shirts for the first time since high school. Wonderful progress indeed but 275lbs is the next goal and then after that 250lbs. I believe this is possible. It would mean a chance of lowering my Blood sugar number down to a 5 and hey that may mean I can be taken off Diabetic Meds.

Professionally my goals are to come out of this semi self imposed exile. To get my work out to galleries and agencies. Not just the photography but the design & illustration stuff too. My goal is to start meeting up with those of similar mindset and goals. At one point my name was out there and was recognized. Time to make that happen again.

Personally. I’ve not even tried to date someone in quite sometime. This is was due to  a low physical self esteem and to my previous preference in mates. From here on if certain criteria are not there then neither am I. I will not pursue if I can not see an equal effort from someone I am interested in. Happiness is not something that can be achieved by being with the wrong person(s).

So there are my resolutions so far. Good luck to us all in achieving and keeping them.

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