In progress

It’s been years since I’ve used Oil Paints. But I had a challenge come up and decided it would be the best medium to use. I apologize right now for the quality of these photos, they were never meant to be seen by anyone but the client. They were taken using available light and my cell phone. The story behind the piece is one of a magician who went to the Loa (Voodoo spirits). He asked them for power and they delivered. But he did not repay the Loa before the Feast of Ghede, and now Baron Kriminel is collecting by possessing the magician. The Baron has possessed the man and he finds himself trying to devour a volunteer from the crowd,

The first photo is the piece done in ink which was the original direction of the piece.

Please enjoy.








Tape Removed, piece photographed.


Piece shot, edited and elongated.

Barron K enlongated naked

Finished piece.

Barron K enlongated

Fete Ghede!
If you beg a favor from the Loa
You must pay it back one way or another
Or the Baron will feast!



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