4th of July 2017

July_4_17_03-Edit-Edit copy

A previous location is revisited. Previously I’d explored this house with my buddy Justin and I’d been wanting to go back. So this Fourth of July fellow photographer Jay Farrell and I did just that. Unlike my previous visit I noticed a rather unwelcoming sign of concrete and earth piled up to make the parking a bit less accessible, rude. But oh well small cars win the day.


The side door from outside, notice the skeleton key lock! Vintage!

July_4_17_016 copy

From the inside that door isn’t quite as inviting.

July_4_17_065 copy

I think perhaps the piano was played a little too hard at some point, what’s on the boob tube? A little down the hall I come across an appropriate holiday card, don’t you think?

July_4_17_064 copy

and a little farther up the hall….

July_4_17_063 copy

If I thought the side door looked menacing I was left praying no one would come through the front.

July_4_17_032-2 copy

Feeling a pressure to my bladder I sought out the bathroom, but decided to hold it and well no taking a bath here either.

July_4_17_028 copy

Let’s head upstairs…

July_4_17_034 copy


July_4_17_039 copy

Well yes, it was rough looking on the 1st floor.

July_4_17_036 copy

July_4_17_037 copy

New graffiti!!!!

July_4_17_035 copy

Looking as creepy as the other front door. Even the graffiti is scared senseless.

July_4_17_060 copy

To the left, the Box room.

To the right a gateway to Hell.

July_4_17_054 copy

Hmmmm, structural problems?

July_4_17_044 copy

Perhaps we’ll go back down?

July_4_17_058 copy

July_4_17_061 copy

Let’s go out back n see what’s there!

July_4_17_027 copy

No going this way…

July_4_17_030 copy

Okay it took a bit of hiking through a mini jungle but Jay and myself finally found the back porch. Not easy to say the least.

July_4_17_070 copy

The porch needs some DIY Love. Pretty sure that fuse boxes are not supposed to be used for nesting.

July_4_17_071 copy

I guess this is the door to the bathroom. I imagine whomever knocked the door down they really had to go, butt in the END were denied do to a blockage!

July_4_17_073 copy

There are more pics, but this is enough for now. I hope you enjoyed this revisit of a previous exploration.



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