I, Georgie, am Pennywise the Dancing Clown!

Ugly Clown or Bob Gray sm

Oil on tin 8″x10″

Aka Bob Gray!

When I was 16 I read one of my favorite scary books, Stephen King’s It. The monster under the bed, the boogey man, the evil clown, the dreaded stranger who looks to kidnap and kill. All of these child hood terrors wrapped into one truly creepy clown haunting a city’s sewer and abandoned places, a creature who lives on eating kids and their fear! While I loved the book and later the Audiobook (first only released in Europe), I detested the made for TV movie. To me it lacked the bite the book had (pun intended). Finally after 27 years It was remade and yes, It was everything I wished for.

So is it any wonder I along with many other artists have done an homage to Pennywise?Here is mine. If you look at it and think to yourself “Hey, Jerry. Your Pennywise looks like a combination of Tim Curry’s portrayal and Bill Skarsgård’s rendition”! If you did say this you’d be absolutely “Keeeerect”! It is! I wanted a combination of both portrayals of Pennywise! How could I not? So below is a day by day progression of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.







Ugly Clown or Bob Gray sm

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