Alien, the Tree


Back in June or July of 2017 I began a sketch of Alien. It was to me a daunting piece. I was taking my time on this to say the least and wanted the final to reflect on the attention I was paying to detail and to the shadows. Below is the original sketch and following it are the finished products. The Alien rendering was done using Cold Press illustration board a mechanical pencil using leads H through 9B and Ebony woodless pencils.

alien sketch

Above: Original sketch

The Tree bw

Above: Finished rendering

Alien the Tree small

Above: Finished print 12″ x 18″

If you’d like a print of the finished sketch apron 10″x10″ $50.00 or the finished poster 12″x 18″ $50.00 email me at

Click on the link below to purchase.

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