Horror Boxes!

On Sept 29th I will be selling my work at The Monsters & Merriment Art Show which wis being held at the Natchez Winery, Nashville, TN. Las year, I concentrated on selling prints, this year I’m changing up my game. I’m selling Horror Boxes. That’s right, Horror Boxes. What is a Horror Box? It’s a box that contains, terrible cold! Dread! Voodoo! Terror! All that is dark in the human soul! Or, it can hold  your wallet and keys. Each Horror Box started out as a cigar box, until one of my pieces was attached to tit’s top. Why Horror Boxes? Sim ple, I want to add a bit of funtionality to my work. Why just hang a piece of art on a wall? Sure, these boxes can be mounted onto a wall, but why not put a Horror Box on your desk? Or on a coffee table? A horror Box would look great on a shelf by itself or as an addition to your knick knacks cabinet. Personally, I have one that I put my keys, wallet, ear buds and change into each night. Here is a sample of what I have to offer so far. If you’d like to purchase a Horror Box you may do so at the Monsters and Merriment Art Show, or direct mail me at jwinnett@gmail.com


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For moore infor on the show go to http://www.monstersandmerriment.com

Discalimer: Yes, I can reproduce each of these, but the finished piece will likely be come on a different box than what you see. I am at the mercy of available boxes when it comes to size and color.

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