Thru the tall grass a red flame burns

Dale Rainey and I shot this back in December of 2021. We had just been run off from a location by a Park Ranger. At first I was bummed but then I remembered that there was another section of the park we were wanting to shoot in. We quickly drove over and found the site even more conducive to a nude shoot. I hope y’all enjoy these shots and if you want please support Dale’s Only Fans page at

Possessed by the Oni, or Sometimes I get bored

Ok, I shot these early last year whilst shut in during a Covid Lockdown. I’d ordered an Oni mask off of Amazon and spent several days painting the thing, and adding tusks to it. Once finished I put it up on a wall as an altar of sorts. I liked it!

But I couldn’t just let the Oni sit. I was in Lock down and well, I grew bored. So I decided to ham it up a bit and play in front of my camera, to act as if I were possessed by the Oni.

Possession Stage 1

Possession Stage 2
Possession Stage 3
Possession Stage 4 Fully possessed.

Sigh, what can I say? Boredom and isolation can make ya do strange things.

Step on in

On a night close to Halloween I was tryin to find a place to shoot a Jack-O-Lantern that would be billowing smoke. I parked my car close to Printer’s Alley in Nashville, Tennessee with the hopes of finding a good place to shoot. I wasn’t carrying the Jack-O-Lantern with me it was simply too heavy. The traffic of tourists was too heavy as well for what I wanted to shoot. Before I left though I wanted to get a shot of this Club Hawker who was trying his best to lure tourists into his bar. I waited and snapped this shot of the man taking a break.

The Devil in Yellow

The week before Christmas Dale Rainey and I got together for an afternoon of shooting. Our plans were to go to Downtown Nashville and do some drive by nudes. However we took some time to do a quick Boudoir shoot to warm us up.

Dale is a natural red head and thus she totally rocks sharp colors like this playful lacy set. While she did say she liked the lingerie it didn’t stay on for long.

If you like what you see visit to see more of our work together on her Onlyfans.

Sept 30th Forgotten Tennessee the book will go on sale!

Sept. 30th is the official release of my book Forgotten Tennessee. If you like the photos in this teaser, you’ll love the actual book.
Where will you be able to buy Forgotten Tennessee? Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, as well as any store that has a decent book section, can’t wait to be the first to own a copy?

A recent re-branding for a logo

About a week ago Sabrina Simmons,  Facebook friend was looking for help re-branding the logo for her hair salon. I threw my hat into the ring and she went with me. I put together 3 ideas using Illistrator and from there we narrowd the 3 down. Below is Sabrina’s new logo. She enjoys the final look and the process involeved. If you are looking for a logo contact me here. Or at

Elysian salon 2b

I’ve a book coming out!


In case you are not aware I have a page called

Forgotten Tennessee is a pictorial journey to places forgotten and abandoned. Initially this site was going to focus on Middle Tennessee but that focus has evoled. It evolved tothe point where Fonthill Media is putting out a book of my work. Sept 30th, 2019 is the drop date for Forgotten Tennessee Backroads and Roadside Surprises. The book will be available at actual physical bookstores and on as well.

Chucky wants to play.

That’s right, Chucky wants to play. The Chucky reboot is on it’s way to theatres and it’s makers in conjunction with Bloody Disgusting are running a poster design contest. I couldn’t pass this up. Here is progression of the finished piece. Chucky itself is an oil painting.

Original sketch


Refined sketches


Final sketch


Adding pigment


Building it up


Final painting after it’s been photographed and Photoshopped


The Finished piece!


Why the computer code? The reboot does away with the voodoo spell from the original Chucky. In this reincarnation of the franchise Chucky is an extension of an AI system like Amazon’s Alexa that has gained sentience and gone a-muck! I can’t wait to go see it!