The Magician, card I

Today I’ve begun the next card of the Major Arcana of my Tarot deck. The Magician. I’ll be posting the card as it evolves. Update: I began working on the magician in earnest today painting from 1pm until 11pm. It’s been a blast. In this card all the suits are represented. Cups, Pentagrams, Swords & Wands (staves). I hope you the reader enjoy seeing the progress.

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More to come.

Death, XIII

For years I’ve toyed with the idea of possibly doing a Tarot deck. If I do make one this will likely be the beginning of the Major Arcana. Here is a progression of Death.


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Let’s see where this goes, fair warning, it won’t be a short journey.

Alien, the Tree


Back in June or July of 2017 I began a sketch of Alien. It was to me a daunting piece. I was taking my time on this to say the least and wanted the final to reflect on the attention I was paying to detail and to the shadows. Below is the original sketch and following it are the finished products. The Alien rendering was done using Cold Press illustration board a mechanical pencil using leads H through 9B and Ebony woodless pencils.

alien sketch

Above: Original sketch

The Tree bw

Above: Finished rendering

Alien the Tree small

Above: Finished print 12″ x 18″

If you’d like a print of the finished sketch apron 10″x10″ $50.00 or the finished poster 12″x 18″ $50.00 email me at

Click on the link below to purchase.

Logo for Glynnis Garcia

Recently Glynnis Garcia a hairstylist, colorist and Makeup Artist in Nashville, TN came to me looking for a new logo for rebranding her business. Glynnis had a solid idea of what she wanted and something new to the game as well. Glynnis was part of a group on Facebook that is for mentoring Hairstylists and related professionals with branding and promotions. She told me up front that she’d be submitting my prototype designs to this group for feed back. Cool. Glynnis wanted something sleek, current and would appeal to a her targeted demographic. While this is not new, it was nice to have a client who’d put this much effort into what she wanted. After a few prototypes she decided to avoid color and went mono chromatic for her logo’s color scheme. To me this was a good idea, it would give her logo a memorable timeless look. Font wise she was wanting something striking but wanted to avoid anything too bold, I had the perfect font in mind ATO Bondoluo Peek. We now had our bones down, color, font, and overall look. We knocked out a few more prototypes which were met with positive reviews from her FB group. In the end we produced a classic and in my opinion a very eye-catching piece for her brand. Her Facebook group made up of like minded professionals gave Glynnis some major props. Should you need your hair done or Makeup you can find Glynnis at and at if you’d like to hire me for you logo or design needs by all means leave me a message or text me at 615-977-2695. GG9 E