Grindhouse Horror Boxes


Horror BoxesHello, Horror fans! Welcome to my newest endeavor, the Horror Box. These jewels started out as humble cigar boxes, but have been elevated to the status of Horror collectibles. On the lid of each box are nightmarish creatures from my twisted mind. Leaving the depths, Cthulu rises! Traditional Halloween treats abound. Slashers from the silver screen, such as Jason, and Leatherface, have carved out their territories as well. Pennywise, Chucky and Pinhead and more await you!

Each Horror Box comes with a sawtooth wall mount for mounting the piece on a wall, each box is functional and can be opened. Hide your secrets, your knickknacks, incriminating evidence within.

*Buyers, Keep in mind these boxes started out as cigar boxes. Seldom if any two boxes the same size.



Need protection from bad JuJu? This might be what you’re looking for!

Acrylic on cigar box 6″x 2″x 3″

Horror box 13

Cthulhu has risen from the depths to grace the cover of this faux box. Hang it on your wall, or put it up on a wall or on your desk. Store your sacrificial knife inside!

Horror Box 7

Is Tarot your thing? There are Horror Boxes for your cards that feature imagery from my personal Tarot.


From the dry plains of Texas comes Leatherface!