Grindhouse Photos


This is a collective of my photography. Not all of it is safe for work.

Marina Seraphina for Jerry Winnett’s Grindhouse

Dia de la Muertos shoot





A strange discovery in a basement.

Grace Stone for Jerry Winnett’s Grindhouse

Nu Grace 11

Nu Grace 3


Change in the House of Flies

ASHcool spike

Broad St.

Recently United Street Tours hired my to shoot one of their tours, I came across this drummer Drummer 1while walking down Broad St., in Nashville, TN.


Dale Rainey.

Dale is one of my favorite models. These are some recent shots we did together.

Dale 2019_0

Dale 2019_01




Water Bride

I shot this many years ago, the model approached me about shooting her in this wedding dress. The irony was that she’d been married twice, yet never wore this dress for either occassion.

The Fawn

A Fawn has emerged to frolick in her grove.
The rains kiss her gently.
Smaller fae flit about.
She mourns the loss of a favored human.

4th of July with Tiffany K



Amazing Grace

Steph in the AM

Grace in the Blue Grass state

Meet me in Church

Dale Rainey for Jerry Winnett’s Grindhouse, a part of Jerry winnett Creative.

Dale Rainey
Dale Rainey
Dale Rainey
Dale Rainey
Dale Rainey

Ash as Lady Death

Dia De Los Muertos

Ash Mooney-Soto
Ash Mooney-Soto
Ash Mooney-Soto
Ash Mooney-Soto
Ash Mooney-Soto
Ash Mooney-Soto
Ash Mooney-Soto

Self Portrait

All the small things add up to too much

Jerry Winnett

Shannon Million

Rebel in blue

Shannon Million

In the leaves

Naomi for Jerry Winnett’s Grindhouse

Beatriz Z.