4th of July 2017

July_4_17_03-Edit-Edit copy

A previous location is revisited. Previously I’d explored this house with my buddy Justin and I’d been wanting to go back. So this Fourth of July fellow photographer Jay Farrell and I did just that. Unlike my previous visit I noticed a rather unwelcoming sign of concrete and earth piled up to make the parking a bit less accessible, rude. But oh well small cars win the day.


The side door from outside, notice the skeleton key lock! Vintage!

July_4_17_016 copy

From the inside that door isn’t quite as inviting.

July_4_17_065 copy

I think perhaps the piano was played a little too hard at some point, what’s on the boob tube? A little down the hall I come across an appropriate holiday card, don’t you think?

July_4_17_064 copy

and a little farther up the hall….

July_4_17_063 copy

If I thought the side door looked menacing I was left praying no one would come through the front.

July_4_17_032-2 copy

Feeling a pressure to my bladder I sought out the bathroom, but decided to hold it and well no taking a bath here either.

July_4_17_028 copy

Let’s head upstairs…

July_4_17_034 copy


July_4_17_039 copy

Well yes, it was rough looking on the 1st floor.

July_4_17_036 copy

July_4_17_037 copy

New graffiti!!!!

July_4_17_035 copy

Looking as creepy as the other front door. Even the graffiti is scared senseless.

July_4_17_060 copy

To the left, the Box room.

To the right a gateway to Hell.

July_4_17_054 copy

Hmmmm, structural problems?

July_4_17_044 copy

Perhaps we’ll go back down?

July_4_17_058 copy

July_4_17_061 copy

Let’s go out back n see what’s there!

July_4_17_027 copy

No going this way…

July_4_17_030 copy

Okay it took a bit of hiking through a mini jungle but Jay and myself finally found the back porch. Not easy to say the least.

July_4_17_070 copy

The porch needs some DIY Love. Pretty sure that fuse boxes are not supposed to be used for nesting.

July_4_17_071 copy

I guess this is the door to the bathroom. I imagine whomever knocked the door down they really had to go, butt in the END were denied do to a blockage!

July_4_17_073 copy

There are more pics, but this is enough for now. I hope you enjoyed this revisit of a previous exploration.





When I was 9 I went to the movies with my cousins and watched Alien by Ridley Scott and loved it. Over the years I’ve seen all the movies in the Alien Franchise including Prometheus and the recent Alien Covenant. With the exception of Alien 3 I thought them all to be amazing. Last night I decided to do a small homage to Alien, I call it Alien Contagion. Enjoy.


No go shot 1

Alien 1 sm

No go shot 2

Alien 4 sm

Featuring Funko Pop Heads

All shot with a FujiFilm X-E1 with a Nikon lens.

Lighting sources: Small multi colored battery lights placed into the water, Large Tap light and a brass backed candle holder.

A quick trip down Woodbury Rd

Old Woodbury Road held quite a few memories for me. My family would travel to Woodbury, TN every couple of weeks to see my Grandparents on my Dad’s side. It seemed like a long trip and one that to me went on forever. About two decades ago The State of Tennessee put in a new four lane highway from my town Murfreesboro to Woodbury and what was once a long ordeal became a pretty speedy one. Every once in a while I like to take a trip down Old Woodbury Road. There was a roadside restaurant called Pope Taylors, a BBQ place that from what my Dad told me was a bit of a trouble spot but made the best BBQ you ever wish you had. I hope you enjoy the photos.



Barron K enlongated.jpg

This is a tale of a foolish Magician who wanted to rise in power and fame. Too bad he lacked the patience to do so the right way. Instead the foolish man choose to contact the Loa, Voodoo spirits who granted him his wish for a price. Who knows what that price was, but whatever it was he had to pay for the Loa’s favor before Fete Ghede. If he was late repaying the Loa Baron Kriminel would feast upon his soul! As you can see the magician failed to repay the Voodoo spirits and the Baron possessed him, forced him to try and devour a volunteer from his audience. ¬†At the height of his fame, the Magician fell to the lowest heights, eventually he died broke, alone and insane.

Goodnight Batman

Today we lost Adam West who played Batman in an over the top fun, cheesy and iconic show from the 60’s. It was not the Dark Knight but without Adam West’s portrayal we’d never have the wonderful memories and movies that came afterwards.