Goodnight Batman

Today we lost Adam West who played Batman in an over the top fun, cheesy and iconic show from the 60’s. It was not the Dark Knight but without Adam West’s portrayal we’d never have the wonderful memories and movies that came afterwards.


In memory

Yesterday I drove around for a bit looking for places and things to shoot. Still getting to know my Fuji X-E1. I’d already driven by a field near my house that had an event that was being held for Memorial Day. The field was covered in flags and considering the early morning sky I decided to go ahead and get a shot of it all pre event.


Later I was tooling around a back road I’d been down before. Driving around 15 mph I almost passed a roadside Memorial. I’m sure you’ve seen these yourself, especially if you live in the South. With flowers and crosses these spots mark where someone’s loved one(s) passed on thru to the other side. I’ve always found these to be fascinating but I’ve never shot one. But then again I’ve never found one in several yards into the woods off a back road. I don’t know the story behind the memorial but I do hope the relatives peace.


I hope you all a peaceful Memorial Day.

Sudden portraits

Last night May the 23rd, I went out and shot at Chinese Lights Nashville. Afterwards I drove to Cafe Coco for a bite to eat and some coffee. Sitting there with a friend or two I come across a face that I felt needed to be captured. As the Summer goes by I plan on shooting more of these “Sudden portraits”. No planning, just shooting on the spot. Enjoy.

Cafe Coco Portraiits

China Lights Nashville

Nashville you are missing out!

China Lights Nashville went up on May 12, 2017 and goes thru June 11, 2017 and is worth the price of admission ($15.00). While there isn’t Honky Tonk music to be heard or any music really, except some traditional Chinese music played for ambiance. What is there? Sculptures made of light and paper! Each sculpture comes with it’s own legend sitting beside it. While those are an interesting read I felt more compelled to shoot the sculptures themselves. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the event. Oh and here is a link to the event itself

China IG_019


China IG_01


China IG_02


China IG_03


China IG_05


China IG_04


China IG_07


China IG_08


China IG_09


China IG_010


China IG_013


China IG_014


China IG_015


China IG_016


China IG_018


China IG_012


China IG_017


China IG_011


China IG_06

If you’d like to buy a print, private message me and let’s talk.

Mirrorless Achieved

For about a year now I’ve been wanting to try out mirrorless cameras. In other words an all digital camera. Last week I came across a Fuji Film XE-1 for sale along with 3 Nikon lenses and adaptor. The price was right and  Thursday night I purchased it. Below are a few shots I’ve taken with it. Nothing serious just playing around. More to come but do enjoy these.

Playing with Depth of Field aka Bokeh


Playing with Depth of Field aka Bokeh


Playing with Depth of Field aka Bokeh


Playing with Depth of Field aka Bokeh


Playing with Depth of Field aka Bokeh






TEST 010

TEST 011

TEST 012

Interior of a caboose

TEST 013

TEST 014

TEST 015

TEST 016

TEST 017

TEST 018

TEST 019

TEST 021

TEST 022

TEST 023

TEST 024

The Abstract

Abstract small

Oil paint & Oil bars on canvas, 30 inches by 42 inches

A little while ago a Justin Stokes, a friend hired me to do an abstract for him. He wanted it to be done on a large canvas and he wanted it to either be a representation of his emotional state or in some way a representation of his personality. Right off the bat I decided I wanted to use a medium that was and still is new to me. Oil Bars. Basically Oil Bars are giant sized oil pastels, the kind you might give a kid to play with. I’d seen paintings done with oil bars and loved the broad, deep and energetic strokes and scribbles that could be achieved using them.

I ordered 12 and eagerly waited for their delivery.

Finally they arrived and my canvas was prepped (after 5 coats of gesso). Now came the hard part. My friend and client is not the easiest person to pin down emotionally. But I can say that running through his personality is the Clown Prince of Crime. That’s right, the joker. A true fan of the Joker and the joker’s influence is often to be found in my buddy’s mannerisms and wit. So with this strong character casting it’s crazed shadow across another strong personality I decided to take the joker and direct him. To blow him up, put him in a blender and then use the resulting goo to reconstruct him on canvas!

I delivered this piece today and it was to say the least it was well received.

My Easter

Today is Easter. Rather than relax at the house I decided to grab my trusty camera and go shoot two locations I’d been meaning to explore. The first location was a couple of out buildings that were recently revealed when a developer mowed over a long abandoned house on Blackman Rd. The second location is a barn I’ve passed regularly. Ordinarily I would have posted these shots as Black and White images but truth be told I do love the colors of these photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did shooting them. If you’d like to buy a print of any of these images in color of as a Black and White print write me at for sizes, paper and prices.

shack 01

shack 04

shack 02

shack 010

shack 012

shack 013

shack 018

shack 019

shack 020

shack 021

The Barn. 

Barn 0

Barn 05

Barn 06

Barn 07

Barn 08

Barn 010

Barn 011

Barn 012

Barn 013Barn 014Barn 015Barn 016Barn 017