Beneath it all a skull

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. I lived in Greece for a while and what I remember from that time entertainment wise was Horror movies. Back in the US my major entertainment was once again horror movies. Of all the horror movies I really loved the cheesy thrillers put out by Hammer Film Productions. I can not lie, their movies play a big part in some of my work. About a week ago I was bored and playing around with a mask my brother bought me. As I played around with some ideas I decided to place a glow in the dark skull I had behind the mask. Next thing I know I’m painting the skull, sanding it and sticking a glass eye into it! Tonight I put it all tonight I put all together and shot the piece below. I believe it expresses the Hammer Films flavor. Skull_beneath_sm


Fog and other things in the morning.


I work Saturday nights at a gym from 10pm to 6am. Now when I get off my first impulse is to drive home and get some shut eye. However, these days I’ve been taking my camera with me and instead of going home I go for a drive. Above is the drawing reason for this collection of shot, a fog. I could not pass up shooting in this.


I tried to shoot as much as I could but sometimes you can only take what Mother Nature will give. In this instance the fog only lasted about 45 mins then it burned off.



Still I was happy for what I was able to capture, but I was not ready to head home. Driving around backroads I found a few other sights worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them.



Have a great day 🙂



My latest Alternative Movie Poster endeavor:

About a year ago I watched the film adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel Horns. It was a decent movie and worth watching again. A few weeks ago I read the novel and listened to it via audio book. I was blown away by the difference in the depth of the characters and overall story vs the movie. It inspired me to do my own take on a cover for the book & the movie. I began the sketch one morning at work andover the next few days played around with other sketches. I kept going back to my original though.


Initially I was going to do a watercolor for this piece so I purchased some watercolor paper and set about working. In my original sketch the main character Ignatius Perrish has hair, I decided to go ahead and make him bald as he was in the book. I’m glad I decided to stick to the author’s writing. The movie made some changes that I felt were unneeded. I laid down a pencil drawing and next moved to pen and ink.


I’ve always loved working with a pen nib and ink and really felt for this piece it was the way to go.


With the inking done I was going to start blocking off portions for the painting but first I wanted a nice clean scan of the finished drawing. This decision changed the direction of the piece. I was looking at the scan in Adobe Illustrator and started playing around with a few things. Before I knew it hours had passed and I had finished the thing! Below is the final image for my take on the cover of Horns. I hope you like it. As always if you’d like to purchase a print of this Alternative Movie Poster hit me up at or leave me a message in the comments.





Originally my plan today was to go to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. I made it up to the Rutherford County line took one look at the traffic and decided to go shooting the backroads off I840. I got onto to 840 and drove for a bit and learned new cuss words, the car I was driving isn’t the fastest car in the world. I got off at Peytonsville and started to take back roads at random. As I drove down one curving road I passed a clump of trees and flora that was sporting massive rusted steel tracks and a domed roof. “Wait I told myself I had to go back for a better look. So I did so. I went by this Clump of flora several times before I could find a place to park my car and shoot.

reclaimed back 2

Grabbing up my Canon 1D Mark II I walked down the middle of culvert to get closer to the mysterious clump of greenery and metal. Drawing closer and bringing up my camera I could finally get a clear idea of what I’d been looking at. An old bulldozer. A very old, very rusted bulldozer. It’s been sitting in one place for so long that a tree, bushes and assorted flowers had grown in, around and through the steel hulk.

reclaimed front 0

I stood there panning my camera across the scene. What had once been a massive orange earth mover with a roof, tracks and mean looking blade was now a derelict hulk that the elements were slowly eroding away to nothing. I figured that the dozer had been sitting for at lest 3 decades maybe longer, it might take another 3 or more decades but it would eventually end up reclaimed by the earth.

reclaimed side 2

I stood there admiring the mixture of green and new life that would come and go, come and go eating away at the dozer. It was in my opinion quite beautiful. I shot for at least an hour, I hope you enjoy my efforts and find in them the beauty I do.

Coffee & an empty house

Not all of my abandoned houses happen with a road map and hours of driving around in rural Tennessee. Some happen after grabbing a cup of coffee with a buddy. Yesterday Justin Stokes and myself met at a Star bucks and were shooting the breeze. After a bit we decided to hit a local back road in hopes of finding an abandoned house or two. We were driving when I spied what I’d hopped was a good sign.


A drive way with an older looking entrance. The drive was flanked by old and weather beaten brick stands. Traveling down the I saw another positive sign of abandonment. The center of the gravel drive was overgrown. Usually if a property is lived in then this centers strip is often worn down or mown. As we came up to the house at the end of the drive I said “Yep, we have Abandonment”!


The house was overgrown with branches and a riot of overgrown bushes and creepers. So much so that for this trip I decided to nix exterior shots. For now we wanted to explore the innards of this forgotten place. Right off the bat I could see that while the place was indeed abandoned it had not been so for more than say 5 years, happily the place was far enough off the beaten track that it was not heavily visited by squatters or by the homeless.  Walking thru the place I noticed a big difference between the state of this house and others I’d been in. This house had been truly forgotten. Upstairs and downstairs rooms and closets still held clothing, towels and the brick a brac of an occupied house. Creepy. When you come across such a place you can not help but wonder why everything is still there? It’s as if the occupants left one day with the intention of coming back but failed to do so.


Below are some of the photos a snapped with my phone. On another day I will take some better shots with my Canon. But for now these will suffice. Enjoy.

Forgotten Tennessee March 9, 2016


Last Wednesday I grabbed my Cannon 1D Mark II, made sure my 17-40mm lens was attached and drove out of town looking for old buildings to photograph. My drive took me East out of Murfreesboro down a sunny two lane highway. I’ve learned over the years that these trips of mine are best taken in the mid morning when traffic is light. Other motorists can easily pass me, especially since I don’t think I got my car above 45.

About 45 mins into my trip I stopped off at a small roadside restaurant to get a feel of the area and gather info. I struck gold. A woman working at the eatery gave me directions to a location where her family had a Diary Barn I could shoot. Off I went.





While I did take a shot or two of the barn, what I found of more interest was an old building who’s porch rook had collapsed. I hopped out and began to shoot.


An hour or so later, I was in my car again and found a small church that was sitting beside a newer church. Once again out came the camera!


I wish I had the words to describe my love of shooting such forgotten bits of Tennessee. But I don’t have those words. I rely on my photos to do so.