Today is October first! And below will be displayed as the month goes by 31 original Horror inspired drawings! I hope you will keep up with the progress and that they make your spine tingle! At the end of the month prints will be available and I may end up selling a book and or magazine containing all 31 original pieces. Email me at jerry.winnett@gmail.com for info.

October 1st

Back from the dead


October 2nd

Carnival Freak


October 3rd

Mummy Monday


October 4th



October 5th

Better Gnomes & Goblins


October 6th

Urban Legends: 2016 marks the year that clowns began to assemble in the woods and dark streets to lure children and scare the crap out of adults!


October 7th

What lies in the mist


October 8th

Eight Legs and a 1000 Eggs


October 9th

Is a homicidal puppet who’s slipped from the puppeteer’s control.

Hell, it mighta killed the puppeteer. 


October 10

IIs Demon Monday, He is the the walking embodiment of the 7 Deadly Sins, I give

you the Demon Trump!


October 11th

A resurrected Voodoo Priestess is seen poling herself and an unwilling

groom through the swamp back to her lair. 


October 12th, we spy a scary and maniacal hunchbacked fiend

looking for only the Devil knows what.


Oct 13 brings us a rare sight, Jason the scourge of Camp Crystal Lake is Chillin dockside!

So I guess there is rest for the wicked.


Oct 14th, AScarecrow scarfing down some grub on Scarecrow Row,

try the ultra fresh bird at your own risk. 


Oct 15th, Is date night for many! We see a couple of love birds at

a Creature Feature Drive in Picture Show!


Oct 16th I see the Bad Moon a rising! I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin’. I see bad times today.
Don’t go around tonight, Well it’s bound to take your life, 
There’s a bad moon on the rise.


Oct 17th, there is a Mad Scientist in the lab cooking up God only knows what!


Oct 18th is Nosferatu Tuesday! Here we see an innocent Nosferatu and a smaller

Nosferatu being harassed by a vile cultist! The horror! The horror!


Oct 19th and a Witch takes flight!


Oct 20th a fearsome specter is hunting for head, any head will do! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Oct 22st is a sad sight. Poor, poor Ned, he had no idea he was dead. 


Oct 22nd Issabella a full blown Vampiress is caught in transmutation as she tries to escape a conflagration! There is little doubt that this is the work of the same vile cultist who previously accosted two other vampires. 


Oct 23rd. There are superstitions about crows. One such superstition is that if you see six crows gathering together it is a sign of murder, hence why a large group is called a Murder. 


Oct 25. What? What is that hellish sound? From what issues forth such clanking and screaming? What Monstrosity is this?


Oct 25th. Entombed a year to the day but the dead don’t wanna stay.


Oct 26th. A team of archeologists on a dig in a rain forrest makes a discovery, a Chariots of the Sky discovery!


Oct 27th. The call of Cthulhu is triggered by sacrifice. Or is this Cthulhu sitting down for lunch. A matter of perspective I suppose. 


Oct 28th. An old club a hotspot for vice never gives up the ghost. They just Go Go for eternity!


Oct 29th. It’s Black Caturday don’t let this gate cross your path, he plays rough!


Oct 30th finally has arrived. Originally This remarkable piece was unearthed alongside the discovery of the ancient alien mummy frieze from deep within in the forests of Belize. Unfortunately whilst being shipped Oct 29th became lost in customs. Now it can be seen in it’s horrible glory! Oct 30th. Skulls and bones we all bow to Death!




Oct 31st. Trick or Treat! Beware not all are in disguise!


So it ends, this has been a terrifyingly fun challenge and one I look forward to next year! I think however I will be better prepared. Starting out on this challenge I had the first week and a half already drawn, from there it was pretty much a break neck endeavor. If you’d like to purchase prints they will be $25.00 a piece 8″x 8″  in a mat or satin finish. I may end up releasing all in a limited softback magazine for the holidays. I hope you’ve enjoyed this spooky trip, I have.

















My latest Alternative Movie Poster endeavor:

About a year ago I watched the film adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel Horns. It was a decent movie and worth watching again. A few weeks ago I read the novel and listened to it via audio book. I was blown away by the difference in the depth of the characters and overall story vs the movie. It inspired me to do my own take on a cover for the book & the movie. I began the sketch one morning at work andover the next few days played around with other sketches. I kept going back to my original though.


Initially I was going to do a watercolor for this piece so I purchased some watercolor paper and set about working. In my original sketch the main character Ignatius Perrish has hair, I decided to go ahead and make him bald as he was in the book. I’m glad I decided to stick to the author’s writing. The movie made some changes that I felt were unneeded. I laid down a pencil drawing and next moved to pen and ink.


I’ve always loved working with a pen nib and ink and really felt for this piece it was the way to go.


With the inking done I was going to start blocking off portions for the painting but first I wanted a nice clean scan of the finished drawing. This decision changed the direction of the piece. I was looking at the scan in Adobe Illustrator and started playing around with a few things. Before I knew it hours had passed and I had finished the thing! Below is the final image for my take on the cover of Horns. I hope you like it. As always if you’d like to purchase a print of this Alternative Movie Poster hit me up at jerry.winnett@gmail.com or leave me a message in the comments.




Let Sleeping Gods Lie

Sometimes my illustration work creates itself from start to finish within my head. I can close my eyes and see a piece forming. I often think this is when my work is best. This is true whether it’s a logo, an illustration, design work and photography.

A Cthulhu inspired piece.

Let Sleeping Gods Lie inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos is one such piece. Simple almost childlike yet it stays with the viewer. If it makes the viewer smile, so much the better. If you’d like a print of Let Sleeping Gods Lie by all means leave a reply. Prints will be about 12×18 Signed and numbered. Price $40.00

Graphic Design, Photography and More!

Hello and welcome to my site. I’m an Artist who has worked as a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator and more. With over 15 years experience in a fluid industry I can take your concept from sketch to final production. If you’ve a venture coming up and do not yet need my work as a designer or photographer I’m sure I can be of service as a Creative Consultant. Please feel free to browse my work and if you like contact me and let’s see what we can create.