My Easter

Today is Easter. Rather than relax at the house I decided to grab my trusty camera and go shoot two locations I’d been meaning to explore. The first location was a couple of out buildings that were recently revealed when a developer mowed over a long abandoned house on Blackman Rd. The second location is a barn I’ve passed regularly. Ordinarily I would have posted these shots as Black and White images but truth be told I do love the colors of these photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did shooting them. If you’d like to buy a print of any of these images in color of as a Black and White print write me at for sizes, paper and prices.

shack 01

shack 04

shack 02

shack 010

shack 012

shack 013

shack 018

shack 019

shack 020

shack 021

The Barn. 

Barn 0

Barn 05

Barn 06

Barn 07

Barn 08

Barn 010

Barn 011

Barn 012

Barn 013Barn 014Barn 015Barn 016Barn 017

Long Exposure, slow night

Last night I decided to drive up to Nashville to do some shooting at the Tennessee State Fair. My goal was to do some shots using Long Exposure. This is not something I do a lot of. Lucky for me I choose a night that was slow to say the least and since I was going to be using my tripod and a remote. Choosing such a slow night was ideal for this bit of shooting for multiple reason. With fewer people running around there was less of a chance of my tripod and camera being jostled by the crowds and or knocked over.

When I think of a Midway my first thought is a Ferris Wheel dominating the skyline. While this Particular Wheel was not the biggest, it was awfully bright and I was sure I could capture it’s electric grandeur as it’s lights rand through their patterns.

VORTEX 08.jpg

Mission accomplished? Almost I decided to move a bit closer. to



I loved shooting the Wheel, it was after a bit mesmerizing. Later that night I decided that I had to ride the thing at least once. Now I wish I could say that I had some photos of my ride, but truth be told I’m not fond of heights. My hands stayed fastened to the rides furniture with a death’s grip!


Below are some additional images I shot last night. Once again it was a slow night which allowed me quite a window for me to shoot these long exposure without fear of the bustling crowds.


I hope you enjoy them and if you’d like to order a print of anything you see let me know! Contact me at

Allisonia, TN

I decided that today was just too damned nice to sit indoors. I started my day off at Starbucks then hit the back roads of Tennessee. I was on the hunt for abandoned places and then some in hopes to add to my Forgotten Tennessee travels. I drove down US Hwy 99 and hit Eagleville. From  there I traveled down a road at random until I hit Hwy 31. Turning left onto 31 I spied an oldish cemetery  that had a large stone fence and an entrance with a bronze legend upon it. I hopped out of my car crossed a road and began to shoot.

_F4Y0155-Edit copy

As I wandered between the rows of graves stones I purposefully looked for the oldest stones. I didn’t have to look far. Old? No some of these were ancient. Some were so old that their faces were worn smooth and had little if any markings upon them. These oldest grave markers had a strange patina. They looked rusted. Yes, rusted. Later I may post some of the stones in color. But for now I feel Black and White is best. Finishing up my shoot I headed back to the car. I stopped at the entrance and read that the cemetery was a family plot belonging to a family named Riggs. the entire area had been founded on Rigg’s original land of about a 1000 acres.

I drove about 1/8 of a mile and came drove by a roadside general store/garage. I pulled over ran began to shoot the place. I aimed my camera at the sign hanging from a light pole which read Riggsby Bros Garage and Grocery. I had to wonder if there was a relation? Likely there was. I fell in love with this location. I’ve no idea how long it’d been closed down, or if perhaps the grocery was still open. From the sun washed and blistered state of the paint and the wood of the garage door and the style of the signage I guessed the place had gone under more than two decades ago. I spent about 45 mins shooting around and getting a feel of the place. As I said, I loved it.

_F4Y0218-Edit copy

I hope you the reader enjoy these shots of Allisonia, TN Unincorporated as much as I enjoyed shooting them. As always if you’d like to purchase a print in this story or in any of my other stories contact me at be sure to check out my Easy shop for prints as well



Stranger and graffiti

I’ve had this piece in my head that I’ve wanted to shoot. I knew that Atlanta model Grace Stone was going to be in town so I decided that this would be a good a time to try and bring this vision to light. I wanted the the model to be dressed simply, all black if possible,  Grace would be wearing a startling unremarkable simple black mask to go with with the wardrobe. I wanted the model to be portray a stranger who none the less leaves an impact on the viewer. The story? The message she’s trying to impart? Well that is up to you to supply. Enjoy. Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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An Abandoned 4th of July.

The 4th of July this year came on a Monday. Instead of preparing to watch the fireworks show later that night I and a fellow photographer went on the hunt to find abandoned buildings to shoot. We landed up in West Nashville at an abandoned saw mill. We walked around the outside of the property til we found a way in. After walking in through a large garage sized door we stood around and began to look around. While it was blindingly bright outside it was damned dark on the first floor. There were walls that looked as though they’d been knocked out with a wrecking ball. The floors were covered in an inch of dirt most everything on the floor was covered in the same. The following photos are the images I captured that day.


One thing reader, the places I go I try not to go alone. These areas can be dangerous. The grounds can have broken glass or needles, the floors can collapse dropping you into the floor below. Have you had a Tetanus shot? Get one if you’ve plans to do what I do. Be wary of stairwells and critters. Critters can be rats, cats, dogs, spiders and more. Homeless people are another risk you may expose yourself to while exploring similar spots. Law enforcement. The police can be a risk too. Always carry your camera with you. Most times police will warn you to be careful, or tell you to move along. If they tell you to kick rocks, do it. Lastly use your head. If you are going to explore the “abandoned” always text or call someone and let them know where you’re going.

Consumed for tomorrow

Driving in to Nashville the other day was as usual a surprise. A surprise because yet another mainstay of the Nashville urban scene was being torn down. For more years than I can count I’ve driven by the BF Myers building located right behind Frugal Mac Douglas. I’d never bought anything from the place but it had become a comfortable part of my trips into Nashville, a marker that said “Oh hey, we’re here”. As I rounded 40 I could see that Nashville’s future was busy consuming the building. An orange earth mover stood beside it the remains. Stacked to the side like discarded bones were the girders and beside that another stack this one the tin shell that passed for the buildings skin. All that remained standing was the  store front I decided that since I had my camera with me I had to shoot what was left.


If you like what you see and would like to buy a print hit me up at and be sure to check out my Etsy store at

Fog and other things in the morning.


I work Saturday nights at a gym from 10pm to 6am. Now when I get off my first impulse is to drive home and get some shut eye. However, these days I’ve been taking my camera with me and instead of going home I go for a drive. Above is the drawing reason for this collection of shot, a fog. I could not pass up shooting in this.


I tried to shoot as much as I could but sometimes you can only take what Mother Nature will give. In this instance the fog only lasted about 45 mins then it burned off.



Still I was happy for what I was able to capture, but I was not ready to head home. Driving around backroads I found a few other sights worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them.



Have a great day 🙂



Originally my plan today was to go to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. I made it up to the Rutherford County line took one look at the traffic and decided to go shooting the backroads off I840. I got onto to 840 and drove for a bit and learned new cuss words, the car I was driving isn’t the fastest car in the world. I got off at Peytonsville and started to take back roads at random. As I drove down one curving road I passed a clump of trees and flora that was sporting massive rusted steel tracks and a domed roof. “Wait I told myself I had to go back for a better look. So I did so. I went by this Clump of flora several times before I could find a place to park my car and shoot.

reclaimed back 2

Grabbing up my Canon 1D Mark II I walked down the middle of culvert to get closer to the mysterious clump of greenery and metal. Drawing closer and bringing up my camera I could finally get a clear idea of what I’d been looking at. An old bulldozer. A very old, very rusted bulldozer. It’s been sitting in one place for so long that a tree, bushes and assorted flowers had grown in, around and through the steel hulk.

reclaimed front 0

I stood there panning my camera across the scene. What had once been a massive orange earth mover with a roof, tracks and mean looking blade was now a derelict hulk that the elements were slowly eroding away to nothing. I figured that the dozer had been sitting for at lest 3 decades maybe longer, it might take another 3 or more decades but it would eventually end up reclaimed by the earth.

reclaimed side 2

I stood there admiring the mixture of green and new life that would come and go, come and go eating away at the dozer. It was in my opinion quite beautiful. I shot for at least an hour, I hope you enjoy my efforts and find in them the beauty I do.

Forgotten Tennessee March 9, 2016


Last Wednesday I grabbed my Cannon 1D Mark II, made sure my 17-40mm lens was attached and drove out of town looking for old buildings to photograph. My drive took me East out of Murfreesboro down a sunny two lane highway. I’ve learned over the years that these trips of mine are best taken in the mid morning when traffic is light. Other motorists can easily pass me, especially since I don’t think I got my car above 45.

About 45 mins into my trip I stopped off at a small roadside restaurant to get a feel of the area and gather info. I struck gold. A woman working at the eatery gave me directions to a location where her family had a Diary Barn I could shoot. Off I went.





While I did take a shot or two of the barn, what I found of more interest was an old building who’s porch rook had collapsed. I hopped out and began to shoot.


An hour or so later, I was in my car again and found a small church that was sitting beside a newer church. Once again out came the camera!


I wish I had the words to describe my love of shooting such forgotten bits of Tennessee. But I don’t have those words. I rely on my photos to do so.

Location Scouting

“The location, it’s GOLD . While anyone can shoot a pretty picture, a unique location can make a memorable and powerful photograph and thus YOU become memorable photographer”! 

the way-Editb

Need more proof? Think about it, there are reasons so much goes into location scouting for shooting movies, commercials and advertising”! For years I’ve done my best to offer up photography that takes place in unique locations. My locations often take place in or near or feature buildings and structures that could fall under the title “Condemned”. The grittier the better!

Over the years I’ve grown used to being asked by fellow photographers and models

“Where is that place”?

“How’d you find that location”?

These questions have always been followed up with by

“Can you share that location”? Or “Did you get permission to shoot there”?

In this post I will address what goes into Location Scouting. When I need a location for a shoot I’ll expend about 10% of my effort on Google. Maybe 3% on talking to others on Social Media. The rest is spent pouring over maps and driving around in my car very slowly with my camera and a notepad close at hand. It’s a long and drawn out process that eats up time and gas. If you’re afraid of getting lost and or can not read a map, location scouting may not be for you, but for those who are adventurous the experience is more than worth the occasional wrong turn. The biggest problem I’ve encountered is that for the most part backroads lack a shoulder to pull into, and just parking your car in the road can be dangerous. My advice is this, find a friend and have them drive while you sit in the passenger seat and scout. They can drive while you hop out and get quick shots of places that catch your eye. You may have to buy lunch and road snacks (gas if you’re not using your car) but it’s worth it! Be sure to jot down turns, road names, Highway numbers and anything else of the like. Such information will always come in handy.

Now that I’ve answered the “How” and  “Where”  I can take on “Can you share the location with me”? If this seems like an easy enough request to accommodate then please go back to the paragraph above and read it again. It’s not an easy request for me to grant. After I factor in time, effort and expenses “No”  is usually my answer, unless and there is always an unless, the person asking has a similar location to exchange. But I’d be lying if I said that such an information exchange works for me all the time. Why? Because as I stated at the beginning I like my work to have a level of uniqueness that separates it from others. Choose carefully to whom you share locations and the reason for doing so.

And finally I can address the dreaded “Did you get permission to shoot there”?

Oh and “What if the police were to ask what you’re up to”?

Honestly my answer to the first question is usually “No, I didn’t ask”. The majority of the time there is little if anyway of finding the person I’d have to get permission from, however if you do write down road names and such you do have the beginning of an information trail and can seek permission that way. But often I simply go ahead take the risk and shoot. As for the police? My experience thus far has been this. I walk around with my camera at shoulder height where the police can see it and most drive off leaving me be. I’ve had police and a few State Troopers look at me and say “Yeah that camera pretty much tells me you’re likely not up to anything too stupid or illegal”. Have the  authorities ever asked me to leave? No, not yet but there is always a first time for everything. If the occasional bit of Trespassing or Breaking and Entering of a location or condemned property is worrisome to you, then once again Location Scouting may not be for you. Other hazards to keep in mind are dogs, barbed wire, poison ivy, bees, hornets, spiders, buck shot, and of course structures that could collapse while you’re exploring.  Risks like these are why I’m a bit stingy with my locations, as you should be too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Ultimately I wanted you the reader to know some of the effort, costs and risks that go into the photography I do. One last bit of insight to pass on for the intrepid Location Scout. Before heading out and while out let a friend or family member know the general are you’ll be in. It will save you a bit of hassle when folks get worried and should you become injured it could actually save your life.

List of supplies I generally take along a Location hunt. 

Camera, note book, a gallon of water and or anti-freeze, spare tire, matches or a lighter, a cooler with bottled water or what you like, energy bars etc. Also a good idea to take along a glow stick or two, an extra set of clothes, hiking boots if you have them and a pocket knife and yes keep a First Aid kit in your car.

Should you wish to hire me to do a shoot that could add to your portfolio or if you just want an amazing photograph of yourself by all means contact me at 615-977-2695.Of course if you’ve any questions or comments please leave them at the space provided or email me at