A photographic change of pace

Occasionally I have to step back from what I usually shoot. I do this to recharge the creative batteries and to simply give myself a new direction to explore. On top of what I shoot for J. Winnett Creative I shoot Glam/Boudior for my Grindhouse Photography page and Old forgotten buildings for Forgotten Tennessee both can be found on Facebook.

The mother of a friend of mine owns a business that sells curiosities, furniture and other things from estate sales. Her son Justin has a few of her items at his place. A mysterious vial containing an unknown green liquid is amongst his decor. This is not the first piece I’ve borrowed of his to shoot nor will it be the last. I brought the green vial home and shot it by itself and while I liked the finished piece I felt it needed more so I went on eBay and ordered a vintage syringe from Russia. It was not too old nor too decretive. It would be perfect to shoot alongside the mysterious vial of insidious green fluid.

My goal for shooting these two items together? I wanted to create a Horror themed shoot minus blood, guts, gore or a monster. Not an easy goal to achieve. But I think I did so. I hope you the reader like the results. If needles make you queasy I apologize now.

For the techies. I shot this with a Cannon 1D Mark II. The lighting consisted of

  1. One hot shoe mounted Ring Flash
  2. Two cheap $3.00 fake battery powered Votive candles
  3. Two Construction lights
  4. One off camera Cannon 420ex Flash
  5. Patience.

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