In memory

Yesterday I drove around for a bit looking for places and things to shoot. Still getting to know my Fuji X-E1. I’d already driven by a field near my house that had an event that was being held for Memorial Day. The field was covered in flags and considering the early morning sky I decided to go ahead and get a shot of it all pre event.


Later I was tooling around a back road I’d been down before. Driving around 15 mph I almost passed a roadside Memorial. I’m sure you’ve seen these yourself, especially if you live in the South. With flowers and crosses these spots mark where someone’s loved one(s) passed on thru to the other side. I’ve always found these to be fascinating but I’ve never shot one. But then again I’ve never found one in several yards into the woods off a back road. I don’t know the story behind the memorial but I do hope the relatives peace.


I hope you all a peaceful Memorial Day.

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