The Satyr

As promised new work featuring Trixie Hellion….

Trixie and I’d spoken a few times about our shoot and I really looked forward to it. We hit some snags the weather had washed out several of my locations and sadly one of my favorite abandoned houses to shoot at had been blocked off with a rather log. I’d hoped to use the Sunflower field but alas it’s season had passed and all were wilted. But I had a location in the back of my head and I figured that it’d go well with the horns and wig she’d brought with her. We shot in a grave yard that was under enormous trees off the side of a highway and it was ancient as the very trees surrounding it.

I give you a creature out of Greece’s folklore. I give you the Satyr.

Enjoy the lighting, get lost in it.

Satyr 1

Satyr 2

Satyr 3

Satyr 4

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